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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  February 4, 2016 2:07am-2:39am EST

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right now at 11:00, it's a staple of tv medical drama. in fact you likely just heard it on code black the word stat. is it ever actually said in real life emergency rooms? nicole brewer waste nod time finding the answer. and bright lights. super bowl city. sports director don bell is live in san francisco. he'll have more on the festivities as the players get ready for the biggest game of the year. kate? and the rain has moved on
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out but in its wake patches of dense fog across the area tonight and when could some parts of the region see a little snow? i'll have the answer coming up in weather. thanks kate. see in a bit. all of that's straight ahead we begin with major development in the criminal case against bill cosby. >> good evening i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. montgomery county judge denied cosby's request to have sex assault charge against him thrown out and that means the case will go forward. >> "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt outside the courthouse right now in norristown with more on the ruling. david? >> reporter: ukee, bill cosby could have walk out the doors hyped me earlier tonight not facing any more charges, but that is not the case. tonight his legal team is preparing for a major battle in this courtroom behind me that could send him behind bars for the rest of his life. day two and bill cosby confidently walked past a throng of supporters on his way into the montgomery county courthou courthouse. cosby's legal team spent hours trying to convince a judge that an apparent agreement between
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former district attorney bruce castor and bill cosby is valid. castor testified tuesday that he agreed not to prosecute cosby for an alleged sexual assault in 2005. but after two days of testimony, the judge decided the reported agreement doesn't stand and that charges against cosby could move forward. in december, the 78-year-old was arrested and charged with sexually assaulting former temple employ andrea con stan at his home 11 years ago. cosby's team then tried to have current district attorney kevin steele removed from prosecuting the case. arguing that steal politicized cosby during his campaign for da. the judge said steal can remain on the case. cosby then walk out of the courthouse thanking supporters. many like india, stood outside all day waiting to catch a glimpse of bill cosby. >> he's a really big icon so just like -- it's hard to see be in like that go down the drain. you know he go the a lot of background with temple with everything.
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>> reporter: cosby' attorneys will appeal tonight's ruling. meanwhile, they have a lot of work to do in the attorneys here at the courthouse for the da' work have a lot of work to do. the next court hearing scheduled for march 8th. david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> david, thank you. as the cosby case moves forward, stay with "eyewitness news" for all of the updates both here on tv and also at a high schoolteacher is facing child pornography charges in burlington county. prosecutors say david rod rouges used an online cloud service to up load photos and videos of young boys engaging in sexual acts. the 52-year-old evesham resident is biology teacher at cumberland regional high school in bridgeton. new tonight, we are hearing exclusively from the victim avenue frightening crime. a woman stopped at a gas station and was carjacked. as "eyewitness news" reporter natasha brown tells us police now think the suspects who targeted her also pulled off another crime nearby.
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>> i was just begging them for my life. >> reporter: this 29-year-old woman is still shaken but thankful to be alive after a recent carjacking and robbery. we're concealing her identity because the two suspects made off with not only her money but her identification. >> when my car hit the pavement of that gas station that night, i said god this is it. like, i'm moving from the camera, there's more camera after this i'm dead. >> reporter: the vick tip made a quick run to this gas station and convenient stores at 69th and buest street on january 29th after 3:00 a.m. when she noticed the two men hanging around the store. she runs in, gets back to her car and surveillance video shows the two suspects hopping into the front and back seat. >> he was hitting me with me head with the gun and the next one is punching me in my stomach, boom, boom, where the money at. >> the suspect for her to drive a block away before finally releasing her but police say their robbery spree didn't stop there. >> short time later, these males
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2500 block of south 70th street right in that same area you see a 28-year-old mail walking down the street and they approach him with the same gun, demanded his money and take hess iphone and some money and flee the scene. >> rick tim shows us the car scarred by the memory of what happened inside. >> don't even want to drive the same car. i feel like it's a target. i feel very unsafe. report roar police believe the suspects are from that area of elmwood. they say they are armed and dangerous and acting very erratically. if you have any information about their whereabouts, please contact police right away. at southwest detectives natasha brown, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> a discuss drought but grateful father is thankful his father a life tonight after they became the victims avenue hit-and-run. murder mcmillan work night as an emt. got a call his wife stephanie and five-year-old caitlyn 94 old layla had been hit while crossing the street. the horrific incident was caught on surveillance video. stephanie suffered head injuries and is out of the hospital tonight. and so is four month old layla.
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five-year-old caitlyn is still being treated for her injuries. arthur has a message for the driver who thread fled the scene. >> you really could have killed my family. my wife and kids. i really pray you turn yourself in. i really want to know what happened. who this person is. why would you just hit-and-run? you're a grown woman. there's kids involved. >> police are sell fog the female driver of the red honda accord that left the scene. the car has a missing passenger side mirror. well tonight we are separating fact from fiction. you hear it all the time on medical dramas like code black which you just saw right here on cbs3 doctors yelling stat. >> um-hmm. it got us wondering is that really used in hospitals? we called on nicole brewer to find the answer stat. (laughter). >> you delivered, nicole. >> i knew that was coming. >> hi. >> you've heard it said on tv and in the movies but do doctors really run around the er saying stat? well, we headed to the emergency room at einstein medical center to fine out. ♪
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>> reporter: on tv it's art imitating life. >> got a pulse here. >> reporter: but there's live imitating art. >> clear. clear. >> normal saline stat. >> page respiratory stat. >> reporter: you hear eight lot why most us know what stat means. >> quickly, urgent. >> immediate right away. >> hurry, get here right now. >> reporter: what does it actually stand for. >> i'm not sure. >> i didn't know it stood for anything. >> i'm not a doctor. >> called stay tum which has a meaning of immediately. >> reporter: dr. robert, is the chief of emergency medicine at einstein. he says the root word dates back to the 1800s and shortened to stat sometime later. today -- >> we don't usually word that word out so much. for fun maybe more often. >> you don't say get it to me stat? >> right. maybe coffee. >> it turns out it will turn up more often on er than in the er. when it is said it's often an indication of inexperience.
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>> our residents will tend to use it more often when they're looking for help. >> newbees. >> right. >> reporter: but don't let us stop you from being dramatic. >> that absolutely statement, no. it loses the ring. >> it's not as cool. >> reporter: get it to me stay tum. >> you probably won't hear too many er docks using the word stat either. the doctor tells me somebody on his staff ever said it, he's moving pretty quick to see what they need. >> okay. kind of drama. >> yeah. >> but ukee you heard some medical professionals actually use it. >> cheryl on my facebook said she works in hospital 21 years, doctors say it but for some reason nurses say it more. >> worked there for 21 years. >> interesting. >> stat. there you go. got it. >> thanks, nicole. >> get your coffee. >> stat. >> thanks, nicole. what is your good question? we want to hear it from you. log on to question to submit your question much tweet us using the hash tag
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cbs3 good question. nicole will be here every night with the answer at cbs3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00. we cannot wait to hear from you. we are now less than four days away from super bowl 50 right her on cbs3. the excitement is building. really building and the san francisco bay area. and sports director don bell is in the middle of all the action. >> he's live in super bowl city tonight as we get ready for the big game. don you made it. >> reporter: yes, i did. good evening, ukee and jessica. crisp night here in downtown san francisco with some showers but that's not getting in the way of fun here along the shores here an short walk away from the bay bridge. now thousands of fans have been waking their way out here to super bowl city all day long to enjoy in the festivities. when i say fans i mean young and old. playing on mock football fields. there are autographs to be had. and photos with currently past stars to be taken. there's live music every, of
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course, the excitement of the big game on sunday. we are talking about super bowl 50. hey the bay area guys is doing it big. really big. and speaking of large, what are the biggest stars in this game cam newton really today kind of got annoyed with talking with the media. he's been answering dozens of questions a day, has been doing it for the last week and a half. but even though he's tired of talking to people like me, he had an opportunity to do merchandise really special on sunday, something that is rarely been done in the super bowl and i'll tell you all about it later in sports. >> all right. don, thanks so much. we'll check back in with him a little bit later. the super bowl has a special meaning for local woman. she'll be appearing in a commercial during the big game. how did she get the gig? it has to do with when she was born. we'll explain coming up. also ahead tonight there's another attraction at the philadelphia auto show you may not know about. vittoria woodill discover it's
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all about tricked out rides. see how they take ordinary cars and turn them into fast and serious machines kate. >> the rain is moving on out. but now we've got dense fog to contend with and maybe a little bit of snow for some to finish out the week. i'll have the latest on potential sneaky system that could bring a few flakes to the area early friday. that's coming up in weather. plus a sea lion walks into a store. no really. see what happens next. the story when "eyewitness news" continues.
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windex that you don't even know it's there? so clear by sfx: slide show smudge it! with the new smudge stick even clear glass gets visibly smudged in a snap. sfx: smudge sounds against glass get it now and say no to spotless clear windex glass. update to to a story we brought you last week. charges are filed in the case of 16 horses that authorities say were malnourished and neglected. this is one of the horses. the suspects are vet tanner collide and his wife clime we arely shoop who has a clinic in
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jim thorpe pennsylvania. nine of the horses were transport the to the last chance ranch in quakertown for care. others were seized and taken care for as he will. the state of florida is declaring a health emergency to help stop it spread of zika virus. nine cases mosquito born illness in the sunshine state. all of the cases are from people who contracted the disease while traveling to affected countries. the virus is rapidly spreading across latin america and the caribbean. it's a big concern because the virus can cause birth defects. one week to go until the new hampshire primary the words of war -- war of words is heating up tonight. democrats attended a town hall. clinton says sanders doing well in new hampshire because he's from neighboring vermont. sanders says that's not toll the true. on the republican side donald trump accused the ted cruz of cheating to win the iowa caucus. cruz said trump is throwing what he called trump tantrums. rand paul and rick santorum dropped out of the race today
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and santorum endorsed marco rubio. democratic lawmakers in new jersey tomorrow will introduce a bill to raise the minimum wage in the garden state to $15 an hour. current new jersey minimum wage is eight poll 38 an hour. sponsored by vince and john wisnewski of middlesex county. a big part of the super bowl of course the commercials. and it turns out one in particular will feature someone from our area. >> now this spot by the nfl will air during the game and it celebrates super bowl babies. they are second generation fans born nine months after their teams took home the title. featured in the commercial is tanya young of royersford in steelers black and yellow. the steelers won the super bowl 10 in 1976. tanya is phoenixville area high school graduate who has had to stomach exactly what being a super bowl baby means. >> we laugh about it. >> we laughed about it. to tell you the truth i don't remember the moment. (laughter).
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>> with the help of a fight song written by her mom tanya made the cut for the commercial and spent three full days filming. can't wait to see that. there's a special week of super bowl shows leading up to super sunday friday at night the super bowl greatest half time shows then on saturday night, see the greatest super bowl commercials followed by the nfl honor show in which the league will name its mvp and the newest hall of famers. it's all here on cbs3. shifting gears now, really shifting gears there's more to this year's philadelphia auto show than cars, trucks and suvs on the show floor. >> cbs3 vittoria woodill found that out when she hopped on harley and hit the throttle. ♪ >> reporter: tricked out, fast and furious feel the fury of some of the most coveted and customized cars rolling on dove. >> slang word for 20 because when we first started the company we came up with 20-inch wheels. so look at that car has dubs.
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which means 20-inch wheels. so the famous word dove. >> reporter: where is the man drawing drag for the sickest cars around at the dove show which lies beneath the flowers of the philadelphia auto show top to bottle festival tricking out your ride. >> they see how a car can be customized instead of just driving out one from the dealer they can fully customize dealers and see how it documents live here. >> reporter: some of these babies aren't sitting on the speedway. >> we have harley davidson display that they have a jump start so people can jump on the bike and see how it is to feel and be oh and a harley. >> reporter: where do i sign. >> i'm an amateur rider. >> amateur rider. >> reporter: i mean we're tal talking like tricycle, training wheels. >> okay. all right. >> reporter: i had a moon goose. when i was about 13. but that got stolen out of the backyard. >> this is a little faster than that. >> reporter: learning how to switch gears on a harley definitely a little different. >> squeeze the clutch in. >> reporter: what's the clutch.
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>> after a few more tips, i was almost ready. okay. too much. safety first then i'll adjust my mirrors. ready, let's do this. >> whoo! >> reporter: i feel it. feel my muscle. they get bigger? >> yes. >> reporter: do i just ride this puppy of here. >> absolutely not. >> reporter: no matter how you want to roll, if you can think it, and you can dream it, they can do it. vittoria woodill cbs3 "eyewitness news". all right. >> wow. >> tori tells us that if you want to test out that good looking harley, you can't. >> wow. tori was living large. temperature was good enough to go out for a ride today. all the rain was a different story. >> you may not wanted to be op a motorcycle today. no top down today.
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starlit ceiling -- >> that was sweet. >> that might have been kind of nice. >> that was sweet. >> clear. >> exactly. things are clearing out now as far as the rain is concern, but the fog is still hanging around. in fact it's only getting worse especially north and west of the city. anyplace that had snow dealing with fog tonight as that warm air continues to move over the colder snow pack. let's take a look what's happening on storm scan3 you can see the rain is now out to sea. it's out of here. there is an area of showers over portions of eastern virginia. can't rule out that little zone of showers moving through the shore points overnight. but most of us we are drying out. the problem is, clouds and fog lingering in the wake of this front and as that front stalls really offshore, headed through the next couple of days we'll have to watch new area of low pressure that's going to ride up along that front and could bring a few snowflakes for portions of the area early friday morning. rain amounts down berlinville 1.43 hours. 46 in bucks county. 1.34. new hope 1.17.
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reading 1.10-inches and valley forge about an inch of rain came down we do still have a flood warning to tell you about. this for the west branch of the brandywine creek in honey brook it just got extended until 3am. so if you live in that area, do expect some flooding from again the brandywine. take look at your visibilities right now you can see the worse of it the areas that had the biggest snow pack a lot of fog here reducing visible to half a mile in wilmington and in lancaster. about .8 in allentown and about a third of a mile right now in trenton. so we do have a dense fog advisory to tell you about. this is the entire area you see shaded here in gray. this means visibilities could drop as low as a quarter mile. it does include montgomery, bucks, chester counties, berks county the lehigh valley and the poconos and mercer county including trenton as well until 7:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. in the meantime we're still very mild. we're at 55 degrees here in philadelphia. 52 in reading. 53 in trenton and 49 degrees in wilmington. tomorrow not quite as warm as today but what i want to show
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you now an wave of low pressure that's going to ride along that stalled front off the coast. this starts 11:00 o'clock tomorrow night. couldn't to stop this halfway through and just notice how close this precipitation gets to the shore. this is one of our in house models we use this keeps most of the precipitation offshore. but take look at this one this one the european model develops that low and here's 3:00 o'clock friday morning. bring something snow to the area. generally light snow and especially east of philadelphia if you're west of the city this probably won't impact you at all the storm skims the coast light snow mainly east could mix with rain at the shore. very close call but there's a chance some folks down the shore especially wake up to maybe a coating to an inch of slushy snow on friday morning. so overnight pat cher dense fog the rain has moved on out. except maybe down the shore a stray shower. thursday looks good, partly sunny and breeze at 50. watch for the morning snow to the east on friday. the weekend looks good. monday is a little colder and still watching next tuesday. there's still the chance for rain and snow showers or perhaps morrow bust system.
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we'll keep you posted thon threat but, yeah arc few flakes possible on friday morning. >> hate those robust systems. (laughter). >> thanks,. >> all right. next tonight, don bell live in san francisco where super bowl 50 is just days away now, don. >> reporter: that's right. super bowl 50 on sunday. of course, and on that day, cam newton will try to do something that only 10 players have ever done. i'll tell was when we come back in downtown san francisco. ♪
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>> welcome back to downtown san francisco. we're at super bowl city. now earlier today, cam newton and panthers went through an hour and 15 minute workout. i should call eight practice. it was a non-practice or non-contact situation i should say. and they did it at san jose state university about an hour south from where we are right now. here's the situation with cam newton. you know that he's uber talented
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and probably going to be the mvp this season. however, on sunday, he has an opportunity to become the 11th player in nfl history to chase a heisman trophy within with a super bowl championship. he was asked about that today during his media session. >> for dream to play out as it has, um, through ups and downs just mean the world for us to -- to get what you prepare for, you know for us the ultimate goal for this sport is to win the super bowl. you know, you win national championships in college and doing that. but you trying to get draft to do team that's going to put in you the right position to win a super bowl. >> reporter: and he mentioned the team they were 15-one during the regular season. had a great year. were the best team in the fl taking on the denver broncos and peyton manning looking for this second nfl title. now, let's go back to lesley vanessas daal standing by in the studio.
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lesley. >> we can't wait. thank you so much, don. we'll talk to you tomorrow. as for the rest of the night in sports after three days off the sixers back in action at home against the hawks and unfortunately one of the worst games so far for the sixers. going coast to coast for the slam. didn't get much better little later in the fourth we have a bad pass here and the hawks off and running with this one. this is walter tavaras who comes up with it. slam it here. sixers lose 124-86. a 38-point loss. cray didn't visiting villanova second half nova cruising josh heart with a drive and the dunk. he had 13 points on the night. late on chris jenkins stealing it from outside. able to get the three ball here. he had 22 points. nova with a huge win over creighton 88-skate the final. upset on hawk hill. bonnies in town shooting well. adam with the three. he had 31 points. the bonnies hit 133..s on the
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night and win it 87 high 77. the hawks pick up their fourth loss of the season. on ununbelievable run. >> countdown toes to selection sunday. >> i think you probably got your eye on that. very busy. >> super sunday first
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♪ shoppers got big surprise when a sea lion showed up inside a southern california store. >> of course, after gettin gettr their initial surprise, what else would they do. >> they got out the cell phones to record what was happening. owners of the store say the animal must have climbed the 145 step staircase from the beach to the store. and was a little coaxing, a little canned salmon the sea lion was back to the sea in no time with a snack to go.
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>> we'll be right back. ♪
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that will do it for us. our morning team is back tomorrow from 4:30 to 7am.
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for kate, lesley don at super bowl 50 i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. we're always on at the late show with stephen colbert is next with michael strahan. >> thanks for joining us, family. sleep well. ♪ >> announcer: the following is a paid advertisement for omega xl. >> my name's larry king. a few years ago, i had to have open-heart surgery. when i recovered, i established the larry king cardiac foundation to help people like me avoid heart problems with proper foods, medication, and a healthy lifestyle. well, i recently met ken meares,


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